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Junior Secondary (Gr.08 - 09 )

Mr. R.S.Bavananthan,

Specialist Trained (Science)


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Senior Secondary (Gr.10 - 11)


B.A.(Peradeniya), Specialist Trained (Hinduism),
P.G.D.E. (Jaffna)

Mr.S.Chandramouleesan was appointed as Sectional Head of Middle School Senior Secondary (Gr.10 - 11) in 2016.He was from 2001 to 2011 and for Junior Secondary School since 2012.

He is a graduate and holds Postgraduate Diploma in Education and also Special Trained in Hinduism. Mr.Chandramouleesan has been serving in this institution for the last 37 years


The senior school programs are based on the Sri Lankan Curriculum.

The Curriculum The curriculum followed at St. John's College:

  • Focuses on learning and learners
  • Provides sufficient scope for the cultivation of skills, knowledge, interest, attitudes and appreciations.
  • Encompasses previous learning and requires the student to integrate and then apply what they have learnt
  • Takes into account the various theories of learning.