SCHOOL HOURS: 7.45a.m – 2.05 p.m. & 2.30 – 3.45p.m
Saturday7.45 – 12.00 noon
School Gates will be closed at 7.50 a.m.

  • Regular attendance and punctuality are important. When a pupil is absent due to illness for more than three days, the Principal must be informed by letter stating the name, class and division of the pupil concerned. Prior approval should be obtained for reasons other than illness. Absence of students in the O/L and A/L classes should be brought to the notice of the principal on the same day itself.
  • Late-comers will be admitted to their class only with an endorsement in the Pupil’s record Book.
  • Pupils should have all text books, exercise books etc. at the beginning of the year and that should be kept neat.
  • Tests are held fortnightly and reports are issued monthly and termly. Pupils should return their progress reports duly signed by the father/mother or guardian without any delay.
  • The scheme of work for the term in every subject is given to the pupils at the commencement of each term to enable parents to supervise the studies of their children.
  • Pupils must participate in co-curricular activities.
  • Parents may meet members of the staff on the fourth Friday of each month during the term regarding the progress, conduct and attendance of pupils. It is compulsory that parents should report at school when called to discuss matters relating to the progress of their children.
  • College Uniform: White Shirt and Blue Shorts or White Trousers with College tie, College badge black shoes and College white socks. Uniforms must be appropriate size with waist of garment worn at the waist. Uniform that is too tight or too loose is not allowed.
  • Hair Style: Haircut should be in a manner befitting a student attending school. Hair should not cover the ears or forehead or touch the collar of the shirt. Senior students should have clean shave.
  • Facilities fees should be paid one week prior to the reopening of each term.
  • Pupils should not be in possession of jewellery, mobile phone or any other expensive items.
  • Christian pupils should participate in all the Christian activities of the College – on Wednesdays the morning worship & SCM 2.15 – 3.15 p.m., the Carol service and Easter Bajanai.
  • Pupils may be asked to leave College for any of the following reasons:
    Not following the rules and regulations of the College, unsatisfactory attendance(below 90%), misconduct, habitual neglect of work, failure to appear(100%) for the tests and assessments conducted by the College, involving in activities to cause discomfort to other pupils and causing damages to the College property.
  • Pupils shall immediately bring to the notice of the Class Teacher/the Supervisor/the Head Master /the Vice Principal, any inconveniences caused or likely to cause to their studies, extra-curricular activities or to their personal safety.
  • NEW ADMISSION: application for new Admission must be made in forms obtainable from the College Office from the 1st of March and the Admission Test will be held on the 2nd Saturday of October.