St John’s provides a curriculum from Grade 1 to Collegiate Level. The College programs are based on the Sri Lankan Curriculum.

English is a living language and it plays a vital role in the field of education. Much attention is at present given to English education in the primary department for the welfare of the students. Unlike the government schools in our school English is being taught from grade one onwards. Bilingual classes arestarted too for the welfare of the future children.

Religion (Christianity or Hinduism) English, Tamil, Maths, Science (includes practicals) History, Geography, Citizenship Education, Health Science, Aesthetic Subject (Students are given the choice of studying Art, Eastern Music or Western Music) PTS, IT, Spoken English and Sinhala are taught to students from grades 6 to 9. Students may opt to study in the English Medium if they so wish. In grades 10 and 11, six subjects are compulsory. Students choose three other subjects according to their wish, abilities and future aspirations. The school provides intensive training and prepares the students to sit for the GCE O/L examinations. Approximately 80 % of students make it to the Advanced Level.

St.John’s College provides a top-class education for its students wishing to study A-Levels in Jaffna. It has five streams such as Biology, Mathematics, Commerce, Arts and Technology. Classes are conducted in the medium of Tamil for all the streams and in the medium of English for Biology, Mathematics and Commerce as well. Well-equipped IT and Science laboratories offer opportunities for students to develop their knowledge and skills individually. The College has a reputation in delivering academic success by producing 30% to 40% of students to Medical, Engineering, Management, Law, Arts and other faculties of universities per year. It provides students with the skills necessary for work and life.