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A special fitness training programmewas organized by the Faculty of Christian Education and Sports Management of St. John's College and conducted by Prof. R. Michael Raj,Assistant Professor, Department of Physical Education, Health Education and Sports, Madras Christian College, India at St. John's College Jaffna from 13th May 2017 to 20th May 2017.

The training wasintenseand professional. The coaches and athletes gained a lot through this programme. Theywere exposed to new dimensions of fitness – both in theory and in practice.

The training programme was carried out to a strict schedule. Venue shifted from the school grounds to the ICT room in the newly built Technology Faculty to the beach. The day usually began early in the morning with physical activities.

When the sun went up, theory classes began. And again when the sun made its descend, the athletes and coaches were made to stretch their muscles

The course modules were:

  • Warm - Up and Flexibility Training (Practical)
  • Introduction to Fitness(Seminar)
  • Core Training (Practical)
  • Beach Training (Practical)
  • Swiss Ball Training (Practical)
  • Resistance Training (Seminar)
  • Resistance Training for Upper body (Practical)
  • Resistance Training for Lower Body (Practical)
  • Plyometric Training (Seminar)
  • Speed Ladder Training (Practical)
  • Stair Workouts (Practical)
  • Strength Endurance Development (Seminar)
  • Body Weight Exercises (Practical)
  • Circuit Training (Practical)
  • Speed, Agility and Speed Endurance Development (Seminar)
  • Interval Training (Practical)
  • Power Training(Practical)
  • Periodization (Seminar)
  • Agility Training (Practical)
  • Whole Life Coaching (Theory & Practical)

Prof.R.Michael Raj was a committedperson who was keen in his training. His undivided attention and
devoted training and the cooperation of all the coaches and the athletes ensured the programme’s success. A lot was achieved within a very short period of time.

Whole Life Coaching was conducted by the Rev.N.J.Gnanaponrajah and Mr.G. Abraham Anojan from the Church of Ceylon Sports Movement of the Colombo Diocese.

The Awards Ceremony was held on 20th May 2017. A token of appreciation was given to Prof.R.Michael Raj by the Principal, the Rev.N.J.Gnanaponrajah.

Other awards worthy of note are:

  • The Best Achiever - Junior Category was awarded to J.Babytharan
  • The Best Achiever - Senior Category was awarded to N.R.E.Nilananth
  • The Best Coach - Mr.C.Aravinthan,
  • The Best Coordinator - Mr.S.Theelipan



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College NEWS