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Science Day

20th October 2017

On 20th October 2017 at 11.30 a.m., the Vice Principals, Mr.V.S.B.Thuseetharan and Mr.A.H.Gnanarajan, the Vice Patrons of the Union, Mr.G.Beno Rajothayan and Mr.A.Sritharan and the President and Secretary of the Science Union greeted the Chief Guests, Mr. and Mrs. A.Pirabaharan, former staff of our College, at the gate.

They were accompanied to the Peto Hall where the traditional oil lamp was waiting to be lit.The Chief Guest was garlanded and a bouquet was presented to Mrs. A.Pirapaharan.

The Welcome Speech, delivered by A.A.Anujan was followed by Mr.P.Sritharan’s address. The speech was motivating for the students.

The next event was much awaited - the Quiz competition between St John’s College and Chundikuli Girls’ College. The questions were fired in rapid succession and covered general areas as well as Science. The quiz ended in a draw with both teams scoring the same points.

Next, Mrs.I.I.Pirapaharan distributed the prizes.Following the awards ceremony, two teams from St. John’s locked horns in a Debate titled, ’Are technological developments destructive or productive to the human race?’

Both the teams put forward valuable points. The moderator expressed his view that technological developments were more productive than destructive.

Next was a presentation by N.Vinushan and V.Niruban on the topic ‘Adverse effects of polythene and solutions to the difficulties of substitution.’ The presentation was appropriate as it was based on a global issue – one that is all set to be strictly enforced in Sri Lanka.

After the presentation, the Chief Guest was felicitated by the Vice Principal.

The Chief Guest’s address was regarding the importance of selecting subjects and stream in the field of interest of the student and mastering in it. He also advised the students to be careful about who they choose as friends since friends can make or break someone.

The Vote of Thanks was proposed by V.Sinthujan. And the event that brought the function to a close was, of course, the College Song.




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College NEWS