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24th June to 18th July 2016

St. John’s College is part of the British Council’s Connecting Classrooms Project and was awarded the ‘International School’ status by the British Council for the period 2012 to 2015.

St. John’s applied for the Award once again. It has established links with seven partner schools around the world to open windows into different cultures and countries, to enhance the curriculum and to prepare the students for life as global citizens.

The projects the college exchanged with its partner schools and all the findings of the students were on display for more than three weeks for everyone to see and benefit.

The exhibition was based on eight projects. There was also a Language Corner where exhibits on Hindi, Norwegian, German and French were on display.

All the students from grade 4 to 12 were asked to produce manuscripts based on the exhibition. The manuscripts were then evaluated on 12th July 2016.

On 16th July, selected students along with their parents were invited to view the exhibition on all eight projects and four language centres.

Before they were allowed to see the exhibitions, they were briefed by the Principal on what was expected of them.

They were to view a project and come running to a panel of examiners who would have a couple of simple questions ready for them. If the student failed to answer it, he, along with the parents would be required to view the exhibition once again and come with the correct answer.

After the briefing by the Principal, parents and students were seen hurriedly moving from one exhibit to the other.

In the end, all the students passed. The joint effort of the students and the parents to answer the questions correctly was interesting to see.

Following these, foreign visitors who happened to be at St. John’s during the month of the exhibition were invited to view the exhibition. The Principal of Madras Christian College and other schools in India are noteworthy visitors.

On 18th of July 2016, the final day, the Manager of British Council, Jaffna, Ms. Rebecca Rawnson walked in as the Chief Guest at 9.00 a.m. She was accompanied by the Assistant Director of Education, English, Mr. K.Subramaniam and an envoy from the Indian Consulate, teacher of Hindi Language, Ms.Kanthi Desoysa.
They were welcomed by the Principal, the Rev.N.J.Gnanaponrajah, Vice Principal, Mr. A.H.Gnanarajan, Coordinator, Mr. C. A. Pararajasingam and Assistant Coordinator, Mr.K.Girishan. They visited the entire exhibition and judged the exhibits under two categories – general category and language category.

Wedding Rituals from the general category and Norwegian Corner from the language category were selected as the best.

Soon, the guests were seated in the auditorium for the closing ceremony where certificates were given by the Chief Guest.

All the special invitees had encouraging words to say about the exhibition. The Manager of British Council, Jaffna and the Assistant Director of Education, English  were full of praise for the hard work done by the teachers and students.
The Chief Guest congratulated the College for getting the International School Award for the period 2012 to 2015 and expressed her desire to see the College secure this award once again this year.

After tea everyone parted ways, some sincerely praying and hoping that Rebecca Rawnson’s prophecy materializes.

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College NEWS