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25th June 2016

The Annual Prize Giving was held on 25th June 2016. The Chief Guest, the Right Reverend Dr. Justin Bernard Gnanapragasam, Roman Catholic Bishop of Jaffna arrived at the scheduled time, 9:55 a.m.

The Principal introduced the Tutorial and Non-Tutorial Staff to the Chief Guest.

After many handshakes, the College Band together with the Scouts and Cadets honoured and saluted the dignitaries as they made their way towards the venue, the Peto Memorial Hall. In the procession was the Chairman of the function, Manager of the College and Archdeacon of Jaffna, the Ven. S. J Jayaveerasingan, the Chairman and members of the CMS Board of Governors, the Principal of St. John’s College, the Rev. N.J.Gnanaponrajah, Principals of Neighbouring and Faraway Schools, the Vice Principals of St. John’s College, the Sectional Heads and staff of St. John’s College.

At the doorway to the Peto Hall, the visitors witnessed a Welcome Dance presented by the students of the Primary School. The long line of visitors and staff walked towards the front, passing the students, parents, old boys and well-wishers.

After the College Hymn was a Prayer by the Assistant Chaplain of the College, the Rev. V. D. Jeyaruban.
Next, the Chief Guest, the Archdeacon, and the Chairman of the CMS Governing Body were garlanded by the Cub Scouts as a mark of respect.

The next event was the Welcome Song, an eastern classical, by the students. It was a remarkable performance.

The English Oratory by W.E.S.Gurupatham who obtained the First Place in the Prepared Speech Competition at School Level followed. Since 2016 marked the centenary in scouting at St. John’s, the speech was obviously based on the importance on becoming a Scout.

Next was the Principal’s Report. It was a detailed report for the period from 27th June 2015 to 24th June 2016 covering the activities of the staff and students of all nine sections of the school.Then followed the English Recitation by N.Aruljeevithan. It too was a great performance.

Next was the Distribution of Prizes by the Chief Guest.
The Tamil Oratory which followed was very lively, meaningful and emotive. The orator, T.Ragavan spoke about the deterioration of cultural values.

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College NEWS