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Middle School and Junior Secondary Prize Giving and Parents Day

30th September, 2017

The Middle School and Junior Secondary Prize Giving and Parents Day of St. John’s College was held on 30th September, 2017. The Chief Guest, Dr.Ganeshamoorthy Sritharan MBBS, MD (Surgery), Senior Registrar - Oncosurgery, National Cancer Institute, Maharagama and his spouse, Mrs. Krishnaveni Sritharan, CEO and Managing Partner, Manoharan & Vettivel Engineers – Constructors were given a warm welcome at the entrance.

The celebrations began with the College Hymn The function was chaired by Vice Principal Mr. A. H. Gnanarajan.

Following the prayer, by the Rev. V. Daniel Jeyaruban, R.Athiththan, the Head Prefect of the Junior Secondary School welcomed the Guests. He expressed his heartfelt joy and happiness to see the large gathering, and expressed his wish that they have wonderful day.

Mrs.K.N.Arulraj, the Middle School Supervisor presented her Annual Report that brought out all the details of the academic and non-academic achievements of the students.

Following the report, a beautiful English poem, ‘Railway Carriage’ was recited by J.Omshiyamshankar who won the first place at Provincial Level.

Next, Mr.R.S. Bavananthan, Sectional Head of the Junior Secondary Section presented his Annual Report. He summed up the many activities of his section in as few words as possible. When the time came for the distribution of certificates, Mrs.Krishnaveni Sritharan walked up to the stage. Many students were awarded for their academic excellence, sports and other extra-curricular activities.

N. Joseph Jeysan delivered the Tamil Speech. The Gold Medal Orator’s speech was based on the speciality of the Tamil Language. He pointed out that we should all be proud to be Tamils, speakers of a wonderful classical language. He went on to say that all the Tamils were one people – that they all belonged to the same ‘village.’

After the speech, the Grade 8 and 9 students presented Group Songs with their melodious voice, ‘Drag Me Down’ and ‘Hall of Fame.’ A creative dance – one that was indeed creative - was performed by the students of Grade 6 and 7. The event to follow was a Tamil Drama by students of grade 6 and 7, depicting the struggles and difficulties of farmers in their day-to-day life. The students showcased their talents in acting and simultaneously gave a wonderful message to the audience.

Not wishing to be outdone, the students of grade 8 & 9 performed a Tamil Group Song that also carried a beautiful message - on nature and its beauty. Their melodious rendition entertained the audience.When the screens closed after the drama, the Principal of St. John’s College walked up to the lectern to address the gathering.

The Principal said that St. John’s created the necessary platform for the students to bring about their latent talents. He expressed his hope that this platform would provide opportunities for the children to excel in all spheres of life and to emerge victorious in the game of life.

Following his speech, he felicitated the Chief Guest with a memento for the valuable service he continues to render to the society.

The curtains opened to a beautiful English Drama by the students of Grade 8 & 9 students titled ‘Heal the world.’ The idea of how important it is to preserve nature for our own livelihood was beautifully conveyed.

Next, a Sinhala Song “Lowe Sema” was sung by Grade 6 and 7 students. It was a meaningful song calling for unity amongst people of various ethnicities, caste and creed.

Following close at heels was an African Folk Dance by the students of grade 6 - 9 – a very colourful performance.

The Chief Guest of the function, Dr. Sritharan, addressed the gathering next. The Chief Guest talked about the responsibilities of parents, teachers and the society as a whole to bring up the children and to equip them to survive in an ever challenging world. He also stated that every child was unique and that we need to accept them as they are in order to create a fitting future for them.

Finally, around 12 noon, the function came to an end with the College Song.

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