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Library Day 2017


The first session of the Library Day – the Library Day celebrations by the Primary School and Middle School commenced at 8:45 in the morning of 24th May 2017 with the singing of the College Song.

The Principal’s Prayer and the Head Mistress’s address followed. Mrs.S.Sivapalan spoke about the importance of reading and the impact it has created in the lives of many a great personality. She talked about the motivating ‘READ SMART’ programme at St. John’s College. Under this programme, students are encouraged to read and entries of the names and numbers of books read by them are made. Finally, they are given awards. This programme is motivating the children to read more. Those who are genuinely involved in the programme are on their way to improving their general knowledge and mastering the language.
The next person to go up to the lectern was Mr.N.Ananthasabesan. Saying that reading educates the reader, he advised the students to make a careful selection of the books they wish to read.

Following this was the Distribution of Prizes; they were given away by the Principal, the Rev.N.J.Gnanaponrajah.


Books were donated to the library by the students of the Primary and Middle school. The Vote of Thanks by Mr.T.Atputharaj and the College Song marked the end of the morning session.

The second session of the Library Day – the Library Day celebrations by the Junior Secondary, Senior Secondary and Collegiate Level students began at 12:15p.m. with the arrival of the procession consisting of the Chief Guest, Mr.N.Navaraj, Principal, the Rev. N.J.Gnanaponrajah, Sectional Head of the Arts Stream and teacher-in-charge of Staff Development, Mr.A.M.Raviendran, Chairman, Library Committee, Mr.S.Roshan and the Librarian, Mrs.T. Ragularajh.

After the College Hymn and a song in praise of Tamil were sung, the chief Guest was garlanded by a student. Next, Mr. S.Roshan addressed the audience. He spoke about the importance of education and the importance of reading to education. He introduced the Chief Guest, Mr.N.Navaraj as a very knowledgeable person who has been working as a Counselor for the last 17 years. Before stepping down, he invited the Chief Guest on stage to distribute the prizes.

Next, students from the different sections of the school and some clubs and societies donated books to the school library. The Principal received them with thanks.

Next, Mr. A.M.Raviendran gave his review of the 10th publication of ‘Irulil Oli,’ a collection of articles written by the teachers of St. John’s College. He gave a detailed analysis of each and every article, which, no doubt, would kindle in many a student and teacher the desire to read the book. The First Copy of the Book was handed over to the Principal.

The Chief Guest’s address which followed was informative and inspirational. He talked about individual potential and how to build one’s potentiality.

Next, the Chief Guest was given a memento, as was customary of St. John’s College.

The librarian, in her Vote of Thanks, expressed her gratitude to everyone who made the function a success.
However, in her long list of acknowledgement, she failed to recognize the hard work done by one person. Herself!

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