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Gandhi Day

2nd October 2017

The tenth commemoration of Gandhi Day was held in the College Peto Hall on 2nd October 2017. Since Mahatma Gandhi stopped over at St. John’s College on 28th of November 1927, this year marks the 90th anniversary of his visit. It is indeed fortunate to have had the Mahatma’s presence here.

The Social Science Forum of the College has been celebrating Gandhi Day annually. These annual observances remind the community of Gandhi’ visit to the North and also his principles – that violence cannot be overcome by violence.

The Vice Principals Mr.V.S.B.Thuseetharan and Mr.A.H.Gnanarajan, Vice Patron, Mr.A.M.Raviendran, Committee members and the Coordinator of Clubs and Societies at St. John’s College, Mr.T.N.Nanthakumar, welcomed the Chief Guest, Mr.V.Kandeepan, Registrar - University of Jaffna, to the function.

The Welcome Address was proposed by the President of the Forum, A.Shangavan.

Tamil speech by S.Bhavanilan, English Speech by J.Omshiyamsankar, Gandhi Bajan, a Tamil Speech by D.David Livingston and an English Verse by V.Thuvaharan followed one after the other without any delay in between.

Next was a debate with Chundikuli Girls’ College on the topic, ‘Is watching movies right or wrong?’ - a present issue amongst the children, youth and adults. The girls, who were of the view that watching movies was good, won the debate after putting forward many facts. The next event was the Distribution of Prizes.

The Vice Patron’s Address revolved around the Ahimsa concept of Gandhi. He suggested that the solutions to many a problem in the North can be reached if one walked in Gandhi’s footsteps.

The next programme was a Drama. A farmer was shown living a self-sufficient life by cultivating his crops. The crop gets destroyed and he faces many challenges. However, his perseverance and determination sees him through his trials. The drama reminded everyone of the fact that the sun does not shine on both sides of the hedge at once. One may endure many difficulties at present but a better life is in store for him in the near future – provided he sustains the challenges.

Next, the Chief Guest who is an old boy of the College was honoured. He was given a memento in remembrance of his visit to the College and in appreciation of his services to the community.

The Chief Guest’s address revolved around the life of Mahatma. His focus was however on Gandhi’s mother’s advice before he left for England. The speech suited the audience well and was well received. The Program came to an end with the Vote of Thanks by G.Joel Sharon and the College Song.














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