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3rd October 2016

The Social Science Forum of St. John’s College, Jaffna invited Dr.K.Kajavinthan, Head of the Department of Philosophy & Psychology, University of Jaffna and his wife Mrs. K.Thayani as Chief Guests to the Gandhi Day. The proceedings that took place in the bright morning of 3rd October 2016 were commemorative of the Mahatma’s arrival to St. John’s College 89 years ago. He was a man of peace and humility who liberated the Indians – a man worth remembering – a person worthy of commemoration by setting aside a day in the college calendar.

The Chief Guest was received by the Principal, the Rev.N.J.Gnanaponrajah and the Vice Patron Mr.A.M.Raviendran. Together with the rest of the Office Bearers of the Social Science Forum, the Chief Guest and his wife were accompanied to the Peto Hall at 11.30 a.m. where the function began with the lighting of the traditional oil lamp.

After everyone took their seats, the Welcome Speech was delivered in English by P.Thevakumaran, President of the Forum. His speech was brief and was quickly followed by a Tamil Speech by S.Abeeshan of Gr. 4 and an English Speech by T.Sayeerangan of Grade 9.

Next was the Gandhi Bajan, presented by Gr.10 and A/L students. It was a spectacular performance.

A Tamil Verse by A.Yugan of Gr.11 and an English Speech by S.Kugapriyan, an A/L student, followed.    

A pulse racing moment for the audience was the Debate. The topic of the debate was based on who gets the most affected by human rights violation – men or women?

Following the debate, the prizes were distributed by Mrs.Thayani Kajavinthan.

Next was the Vice Patron’s Address by Mr.A.M.Raviendran. His speech was inspiring and informative.

The Quiz Competition between Chundikuli Girls’ College and St. John’s College made the boys sit straight. In the end, St. John’s won.

After the quiz, the Chief Guest was honoured by the Principal, A memento in recognition of his services and in remembrance of his visit was given to him.

The Chief Guest’s Address followed. He talked about the capacity and capability of the amazing organ everyone has – the brain – a supercomputer by its own rights! He talked about how the students can utilize their brain for education, how they can use their time effectively and efficiently and how they can clarify their doubts from their teachers.


The events of the day finally came to an end with the Vote of Thanks by the Secretary, S.Thanujan.


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College NEWS