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3rd June 2016

The Environment Day started with the College Hymn. The Chief Guest, Mrs. Subashini Saseelan, District Environment Officer, Central Environment Authority, Jaffna, Principal, Vice Patron and the members and students of the Agriculture Science Club walked towards Peto Hall where the stage was set for the function.
Then Environment Song which was sung was meaningful and delightful to the audience.  This was followed by the Welcome Address by S.Darvin.

A Presentation on “Save Us - Save Our Environment,” was done by A.Ravivarman. The key issue highlighted was plastic – and the environmental hazards it causes.

Next, distribution of prizes took place. The prizes were awarded to prize winners by the distinguished Chief Guest, Mrs.Subashini Saseelan.

The Vice Patron’s Address followed. He shared the message of caring for the environment. He said that everyone should bear the responsibility of protecting nature.

Following the Vice Patron’s speech, the Chief Guest was called on stage and garlanded.
In the Chief Guest’s address which followed, Mrs.Subashini Saseelan too spoke about polythene waste and how it polluted the environment.  She talked in depth about the repercussions of its usage and enlightened the audience on how it could be avoided.
The Vote of Thanks was delivered by P.Thulasigan, Secretary of the Agriculture Science Club.

The celebration in Peto Hall ended with the College Song.


Following the function in the Peto Hall, Scouts and members of the Environment Science Club went on rallies. They walked around the school and stood in front of the District Office holding placards, giving important messages.


Passers-by stopped to read the slogans and messages.
All three wings of the Scouts – the Sea Scouts, Air Scouts and Land Scouts - cleaned up the areas around the College premises.              
The Theme for this Year (2016) is ‘Protecting Wild Animals of the Natural Environment and their Habitation.’
The Agriculture Club of St John’s played a great role in raising awareness of the need to conserve the environment in its own little way.                                                 







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