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ENGLISH DAY 31st May 2016

The English day started at 11.30 a.m in the Peto Memorial Hall with the procession of the Chief Guest, Prof Asoka Premaratne, Senior Lecturer, University of Kelaniya Vice Principals Mr.V.S.B.Thuseetharan and Mr.A.H.Gnanarajan, and the Office Bearers of the English Union.

Then the Welcome Address was delivered by S.P.JeniFlemin, the President of the English Union. The Group Song, ‘Rainbows&Canyons,’was sung by the students of Grade 5 & 6.It was amarvelous group event.

Oratory by a Master.S.Kugapriyan of Grade 13 who obtained followed. His performance drew a lot of applause.

The Choral Recitation, “All the World’s a Stage“was performed by Junior Secondary.

Following the recitation, A.Anasly Nishoban of Gr.6 recited a poem. It was a great performance.

Boy Band was the next event. It was performed by the students of the Senior Secondary and Advanced Level classes. Following the Boy Band show was the Prize Giving by Mrs.A.Premaratne for students from grades 1-7. “The Wooden Bowl,” a nice dramatic play was the next event.

Then followed the Vice Patron’s Address. He spoke about the importance of English, introduced the Chief Guest and gave details of the achievements of the students at various departmental levels.

Next was a play - “Scene from Romeo and Juliet“ -it was a magnificent performance.

The second session of prize distribution followed. Students from grade 8 upwards went on stage to receive the prizes from the hands of Mrs. Premaratne

Next, the Chief Guest was honored by the Vice Principal. He was given a memento in appreciation of his presence and in recognition of his services towards the enhancement of English and Linguistics.

He started the speech by greeting in Tamil. He spoke briefly in Tamil– it made the audience feel that he was one of them. He spoke about the importance of English. He also said that though it’s better to know more languages, it’s more important to have a mastery over one’s mother tongue. The address was short, sweet and simple.

The Vote of Thanks by S.Kugapriyan, the Secretary of the English Union followed.

The College Song which followed brought the English Day to a successful close

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College NEWS