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23rd October 2017

The program organized by the Faculty of Christian Studies and Sports Leadership of St. John’s College in collaboration with the National Christian Council of Sri Lanka and The Young Men’s Christian Association –Jaffna, started at 9.00 a.m in the Peto Hall. The first-year advanced level students from St. Patrick’s College, Hartley College, and of course, the host school, were given this awareness. One hundred and fifty-two participated and found the programme to be very appropriate for students of their age in present-day Jaffna .

The first two sessions were conducted by Mr.G.Nakkeeran, Senior Public Health Inspector and Dr.T.Guruparan, both from the Teaching Hospital of Jaffna.

The third resource person was the President of the Diabetes Association of Jaffna. His speech was obviously based on Diabetes, prevention and its effects.

Next was the address by Dr.P.Jesitharan, MOH, Jaffna.The summing up was done by the Rev.V.D.Jeyaruban, Assistant Chaplain of the College and President of YMCA, Jaffna. He also got the feedback of the participants.

Mr.N.Pratheepan, teacher, Arts Section of St. John’s also gave a brief speech to empower the students through this awareness programme.

Next, the Vice Principal Mr.V.S.B.Thuseetharan and the Archdeacon of Jaffna and Manager of the College, the Ven. Samuel J. Ponniah gave away the certificates to the students


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College NEWS