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Inter-House Athletics Meet 2017

The Annual Inter-House Athletic Meet of St. John’s College was held on Tuesday 31st January 2017 at 1.30 p.m. As Chief Guests, Ven.Fr.Samuel.J.Ponniah, Archdeacon of Jaffna and his wife, Mrs. Roshini Ponniah, teacher, Chundikuli Girls’ College, Jaffna made their appearance from the Principal’s Bungalow.

Preparations for the Athletic Meet and specialized training had begun from day one of the first term. The Meet started with the March Past by the students of the Senior Secondary School. They marched past the Chief Guests, took three left turns and came to a perfect halt in front of the Chief Guests and their respective house flags.

This was immediately followed by the lighting of the Olympic Torch by the Athletic Captain V.Deluxshan. The College Flag was hoisted by the Chief Guest following the Oath by the Athletic Captain on behalf of the competitors. The Sports Meet was then officially declared open.

The Meet began with the Musical Drill Display by the Middle School students at 1.40 p.m. Next, the 100m Race was held for under 12,16,18 and 20. Next was the 1500m race for under 18,4x50m relay for under 12 & 4x100m Relay for under 14, 16 & under 18. The 200m race for under 16, 18 & 20 started at about 2.40pm.

Spectacular performance was given by the students in the P.T (exhibition) & Musical Chair. Medley relay started at 3.30p.m, followed by the staff and old boys’ relay and the 4X400m relay. Following the Exhibition Pull was a Tug-O-War between the Old Boys and the Present Boys. The Principal’s and the Chief Guest’s Speeches were next. The importance of sports and games was put across and the athletes especially those who established new ground records were congratulated.

Distribution of prizes for prize winners was arranged by the POG, Mr.V.Kumanan.


At the end was the most thrilling moment of the Meet - the announcement of the placement of houses. The results are given below.

Place House
Champions Johnstone House
Runners Up Peto House
Third Place Pargiter House
Fourth Place Handy House
Fifth Place Thompson House

After the distribution of prizes was the three hearty cheers by the Athletic Captain, Mas. V.Deluxshan for the Chief Guest and the Athletic Vice Captain, Mas. P.Thevakumaran for the visitors.

The Athletic Meet ended peacefully and happily with the staff and children of all houses congratulating the winning house.





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College NEWS